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Statement of Use shows proof to the USPTO that you are using the trademark
for the listed goods/services in the application.

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Statement of Use shows proof how you use the trademark on your goods/services

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File your trademark statement of use today with A trademark Statement of Use shows the USPTO proof in using the trademark on your goods or services. Examples of specimens for goods include tags, labels, instruction manuals, containers, photographs that show the mark on the actual goods or packaging, and displays associated with the actual goods at their point of sale. Webpages may also be specimens for goods when they include a picture or textual description of the goods associated with the mark and the means to order the goods. Examples of specimens for services include advertising and marketing materials, brochures, photographs of business signage and billboards, and webpages that show the mark used in the actual sale, rendering, or advertising of the services. Once you file your statement of use with the USPTO they will examine your specimen samples to ensure that you are correctly using the trademark for the listed goods/services in the application. Get started today file your trademark statement of use.