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U.S. Federal & State


  • Federal:
    Search of pending and registered U.S. Federal trademarks.
  • 50 States:
    Search of pending and registered trademarks from all 50 States.
  • E-mail Delivery
    We'll email you the trademark search report in a PDF file so you can easily read, save or share it with others.
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U.S. Comprehensive


  • Includes everything from Federal and State search plus:
  • Common Law:
    Search of pending and registered trademarks from common law sources, including magazines, newspapers, business directories and more.
  • Corporate Names:
    Search of business names (including corporations, LLCs, DBAs and others) from all 50 states.

Worldwide and U.S.


  • Includes everything from U.S. Comprehensive search plus:
  • International:
    Search of pending and registered International trademarks including: Canada, European Community, United Kingdom, Germany, and World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).
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Our 3-step process makes it easy to order a trademark search online.

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Complete our simple questionnaire to begin the process. The online process is simple and takes about 5 minutes to complete.

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Our in-depth search will discover if there are any potential conflicts with your trademark. Find out if your trademark is likely to confuse other marks, or if someone is using a similar name or design to yours.

Receive the report by e-mail

Quickly receive the digital trademark search report by e-mail. You can easily read, save or share the PDF files with colleagues.

In-Depth Trademark Search

Get a comprehensive search and avoid potential conflicts with a similar trademark.

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Benefits of a Trademark Search

Since 1999, has been the trusted source for thousands of customers with their trademark needs online! We are a leading provider of online document filing services for clients who wish to register a trademark, perform a trademark search, or maintain their trademark registration with the USPTO. For more than 25 years, we made it easy and affordable for clients to search a trademark and protect their brand. Get a trademark search and find out if your trademark is clear!

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There are several advantages to doing a trademark search prior to using a trademark in commerce, including:

Identify similar trademarks that could conflict with your proposed mark;
Find out if your trademark is available for registration and clear of potential conflicts.
Avoid infringement law suits from other trademark owners who have used a similar trademark prior to your first date of use;
Save time and money in the short and long term by avoiding conflicting marks;

Commonly Asked Questions:

What is a trademark?
A trademark is a brand name. A trademark can be a name, phrase, or logo used on a product or advertised for a service. For example, Starbucks® is a name for coffee shop or Nike® for shoes.

How long is the process?
We normally process search orders in about 1-2 business days, unless you have a rush. The PDF search report will be emailed to you for quick delivery.

What is the Comprehensive Search and do I need it?
The U.S. comprehensive search looks are three areas: federal, 50-states, and common-law. Federal clearance is important when filing to register a trademark with USPTO at federal level. However, state and common-law can affect you if someone has used a similar trademark before your first date of use. For example, someone can file a similar trademark at state level or open a similar business name. The common-law search looks at all business names in the US. It will discover if someone else is using a similar name in the entire U.S. that might pose legal risk to your business name.

Why should I search a trademark?

A trademark search is highly recommended before using a name or logo mark in commerce. It helps you avoid costly trademark conflicts down the road. A good trademark search will discover if anyone is using a name or logo that is similar to your trademark. Without a thorough trademark search, you wouldn't know if your mark may violate the rights of a preceding mark. An owner with prior rights can sue and force you to stop using the mark on the grounds of infringement. Even pending marks that have not yet registered can cause you problems.

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Order a trademark search with A trademark search at the federal, state and common-law level will discover if your brand is clear nationwide. You can search a trademark name, phrase or design used in connection with a product or business service. Get started today and get a comprehensive trademark search!